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In this program of Temporary Foreign Worker the employer can issue Labour Market Impact Assessment under which a job offer letter is issued to the employee and he can apply for a PR work permit. This is really beneficial method and many people are taking the best advantage of this.

If you are in the skilled worker’s category, and your education is valid in Canada and you have a job offer then no hindrance will ever occur in the process of your visa and you will be receiving it faster.

This is now getting very popular with younger generations and they talented people are not leaving any chance at all. Crucial to the motivation and self-assessment part, we guide our clients with the complete procedure and each step which you can follow and at the same time how well you could nurture. This is the chance which no one wants to miss and this will be the opportunity which is known as the golden buzzer chance and we should be ready for this. 

To work in Canada under this program, individuals must apply for a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  The application for the work permit should be made once you have a job contract or employment offer from a Canadian employer and the LMIA obtained by your employer unless your position is exempt from an LMIA.  If your employer is based in Quebec, you will also need to obtain an additional document from the Quebec government before applying for your work permit.

Interested applicants should note that a work permit through the TFW program does not entitle a person to permanent residency in Canada.  Although it is possible to become a Canadian permanent resident after temporary foreign worker status expires through other immigration programs (such as the Canadian Experience Class or a provincial nomination program), foreign workers are expected to return to their home country after the expiration of their work permit.



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