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Study Visa

We are the Specialist in Study Visa and we have been providing consultation to the aspirants from many countries and for many years. We are the pioneers with ample knowledge and experience to help students get their dream visas and to reach the destiny they are aiming for.

When one student passes his or her high school, they aim higher and want to conquer the world with their passion, enthusiasm, consistency and efforts. We are here to nurture that dream with our services and will be helping our customers and clients to fulfill what they are aiming for. We provide services which are highly appreciated in the entire market.

Once the high school is done, then the next step is student needs to sit for the International English Language Testing System which is also known as IELTS and this is the qualifying criteria for everyone to clear a test with required level for the native country that can allow you to apply for next steps.

As soon as the language test results are available the TRF is submitted and we apply to the desired college in the particular province and follow the norms and ensure to give best results.

As soon as the request for call letter is submitted the next step is to follow taxation and costing norms and the candidate needs to produce the proofs of savings, funds and the previous three years income tax return from his or her family so that the government or the institute could be made known that the candidate will be funding his own education and will not be a liability at all.

Once the call letter is received, the next step is to apply for a Visa and we submit the admission letter to the Embassy and they call the candidate for Medical examinations. In the medical examination the fitness and other checks are done so the country can make it clear that the student who is visiting their nation is actually physically fit and is actually the one who can be a source of knowledge.

Next step followed is the Embassy interview and the candidate is called for the updates and as soon as the embassy is convinced that the candidate is a legitimate person and is willing to study in the foreign land, the visa is issued.

We track entire processing on real time basis and keep updating our clients from every spot and we ensure that there are no gaps at all.


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