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Business Visit - Malwa Immigration

Business Visit visa is also available but this is only issued to those who are visiting the Canadian territory for some business meeting, for a short duration, or have specific work related to their business or profession and they will be returning back as soon as possible the work is completed. This is really easy to achieve and the process is very easy too.

We will be guiding each client about this in our daily interactions and we keep complete track of your profile and your file status. This is most important to keep track of what you are doing at the same time how well you could do this and now when we are just away from the matter, so it becomes crucial as well.

With the Business visit program, one can come and can stay in the country for some time but after the completion of the task, the person needs to return back to their own country. This visa is issued to only businessmen and no one else. This kind of visa processing takes very little time and our team of experts will be guiding you with the highest level of efficiency.

The person needs to prove that he has funds available for his stay and he will not be a burden on the government and his business operations are situated outside Canadian boundaries and the individual is visiting Canadian just for the purpose of official work and as soon the work is completed the person will leave this country. 

If you are employed by a Canadian company, you can only take advantage when your company has sent you here for fulfilling the documental requirements for any contract and you need to be physically present at the moment. This is vital and should be a matter of factor for all.

A couple of times candida companies invested business people for training, sales discussions and business proposals regarding their expansion plans and this is vital and golden chance to visit and stay and take advantage of this place for some short time and to return back as the work is done.



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