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If you are having 2 years or more work experience and you are educated and have the required qualifications and have the desire to be in Canada and you want to pursue your aim of being self-employed. Well, this is the platinum opportunity for you and under the Self-employed person program, you will receive your visa at ease and at high speed as well.

This program is in great demand and is now the new matter of talk among immigrants. They can become self-employed in Canada and can establish their own work and can enjoy the luxury of life. If you are in any particular trade and you want that now its high time to work for any company and you will be self-dependent and you want to be self-employed- this visa program is your cake and you should take your pie.

This is a highly demanded visa program and you will be flabbergasted with the support and comfort you will enjoy. The cost is less for a visa and you may get a couple of years’ work permit as well. In this program, your idea is encouraged and you are supported by all means so that you could gain the best from this advantage which is provided by the leaf system or we call it the Canadian system.

This program attracts people for those roles where they know that they could rise and they can do wonders in their careers. This is really the best program for immigration and we will be helping you with our efforts.

We are the first-rated immigration consultancy company and we at Malwa Immigration process files at a faster pace and we have never disappointed our clients.

We have a money-back policy and we will return your 100% fee if your visa is not processed, we are sure that this will never happen, however, you still put this as our commitment. We are the best and we know we stand best for our clients and the aspirants.

This is the highly demanded program for Canadian immigration and every prospect wants to take the best advantage and they are ready for it.

You will be supported for land, place, and subsidiary also in this panorama by the government and you will be motivated to be self-employed in this highly competitive domain or ear of high life surveil in world.



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