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AIPP Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is the most famous and latest process launched by the Government of Canada in the year 2017 and thousands of aspirants have already taken this advantage and now they are permanent residents of this highly competitive country and the country which gives you the best standard of living. Very soon these aspirants will be getting their citizenship and this journey of years and life is really good.


In this program, the Atlantic province will allow you for a visa and you can work there with all the rights. You will be given medical facilities, your kids will have free education till high school and your spouse will also have a better life in this country. This program is in huge demand these days and Punjabi people are taking best advantage of this.

It is a creative approach to be there in the Canadian labor market and if you are a skilled worker, you can easily apply for the AIPP program and your visa will be processed very fast. As soon as you are progressing in filing your candidature, the first step you need is an assessment of your qualification.

If you are a graduate or post-graduate and comes in the skilled worker’s category basis the list mentioned by Atlantic programs is icing on the cake and your way to being in Canada very fast. This will be a process of a couple of months only. Once your transcripts are done and Canada issues WES for your degrees, you will get grades from the department that your education is valid or what is validity equivalent to the Canadian system of study.

Post this you have to obtain the required bands in IELTS and for express entry, you need 8777 scores and for the PNP program also you need a qualifying score basis the province’s plan and their stipulation. This language test is a must and vital to qualify for AIPP program as you are applying for a native country where English is the first language and you need to be proficient with level C2 or above to be qualified. 

You will be in the skilled worker’s category and you need to be proficient with your language. Your working experience will also help you to get a job in the market and there is a possibility if you could get a job letter or job offer from the market then LMI can also be easy and your visa processing will be faster. We are the best consultants and we will guide you on each step.



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