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This program is for skilled workers and the workforce which is trained, educated and have experience and the beautiful province of Nova Scotia is keen to invite the candidate from around the world whether they are working professionals or they are international students with graduate degrees, they can apply for this valuable program and can fulfill their plan of migrating to Canada. This is a continuous process and clients will help with complete details.

In the first step you have to get your certificates validated from the regulated authorities and this process is called transcripts and which will evaluate your degrees according to the Canadian education system and in the next step you will be rated on what is your equivalent qualification is per North American system. This is a very crucial step as all the matters depend on this and they will decide your future endeavor.

After getting your degrees and qualification evaluated you will be sent the complete documents and then the next step is to score the required bands in the Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading module and this criterion is a must and should be followed. no body can apply without getting this criterion fulfilled and this is crucial for everyone. This is a pivotal step.

Post qualifying the language criteria the further step is to show the proof of funds that you will not be the liability on the government and will fund your entire travel, stay, and other daily requirements and you will be doing with your consent. This is a critical process and no mistake will be accepted and should occur also. This process will further be done on the step to step basis.

As your all requirements forms, documents and proofs are ready, we will submit your immigration request with the authorities and we will be making complete daily follow-ups and will keep you updated and posted as well with the help of our customer executive support system which is the most efficient part of our biggest business empire and they will help to make things working.

The next step is to get your medical fitness done and post the department are sure that you are medically fit to work and you will be an asset the next processing is followed.

The final step is a visa interview and posts the visa officer is convinced that you are the candidate they are looking for, they will accept the request and very soon your visa will be issued. You dream of coming to the land of opportunities and the land which is highly productive will be done and we will be happy to be part of your success’s journey.



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