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If you have worked in Canada for a minimum of 1 year and you are willing to opt for PR this is the moment and real opportunity which once was a dream now will be a reality for you. You can apply for the Canadian Express Class or we people call it CEC in this there is a provision that you can apply for permanent residency.

Many aspirants from around the world seek refuge in Canada after their study or work and they always aim if they could be citizens or residents with permanent status and they could have better living life. This is obviously possible and we will be guiding you for each step. We are open and we are available 24 by 7 for you and just contact us and book the appointment and the rest is our task to ensure that your file is in safe hands.

We have trained staff, which will be helping you with all the desired details, and they will be consulting and counseling you and will help you to plan actions on the basis of the matter that you will be discussing. The first eligibility for this program is that you must have worked in Canada for a minimum tenure of 12 months or high and you have mentioned qualification and medical fitness. 

You will be qualified and then there will be stipulated processing steps and our agency is highest in terms of serving clients and we will be giving you the est services and our services will be helping you to ensure that your visa will be submitted for approval with the highest efficiency and they will be delighted with that and you will be happy too.

Customer satisfaction is our mission and our motto and we will always fulfill this and we are doing, we were doing this and we will continue doing this in the future as well and we will not disappoint anyone at all. We are growing and we want to give the best service in immigration consultancy to our clients. When they are paying us, it becomes our duty to help them and train them well so they could be successful in proceedings.

This is obviously a very good opportunity for youngsters and with this, the path for permanent residency status will improve and will be at a faster pace.

The entire process, you will be notified by messages and emails from our end and we will have the track for each update and you should be not worried at all. It is our duty and we will be giving best to our clients and we will satisfy them.



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